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Mental Health Criminal Defense

Advocating Effectively For Clients With Mental Health Disorders Within Our Criminal Justice System.

One out every four Americans suffers from mental illness. The nineteen-year-old daughter, diagnosed with major depressive disorder, using alcohol or drugs to cope with their inability to get out bed and feelings of agitation irritability, and angry outbursts over small trivial matters. The 29-year-old soon, managing Schizophrenia, who may find themselves in situations that they are unable to understand and overcome because they simply can't. The 48-year-old mother, who was just diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, who would never hurt a fly, but suffers an episode that leaves their daughter, son, husband, mother, or best friend hurt. I am here to help you through this trying moment.

People with mental illnesses often end up incarcerated unjustly in jail and locked treatment facilities because they are vulnerable and misunderstood. Many police officers do not have the proper training to know how to effectively communicate with a mentally ill individual (especially if the mentally ill individual is going through an episode), and, as a result, they be arrested and charged instead of receiving treatment.

Fortunately, the California legislature have enacted laws that recognize that some individuals fall outside the criminal legal framework when it is determined that the alleged misconduct was the result of a legitimate mental health issue rather than malicious intent to commit a crime. If you or your loved one is being charged with a criminal offense, please contact me today.

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