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Working with a Riverside family immigration lawyer can help make the immigration process easier and decrease the struggles you may face as you try to handle your immigration needs. Do not try to handle your immigration on your own, leaving you unsure of your next steps or even where your application might be in the system. Instead, contact a Riverside family immigration lawyer to learn more about your rights.

Types of Family-Based Immigration

There are several types of family-based immigration that may apply to your family situation. At Barraza Law, we can help with:

  • K-1 Visas. A K-1 visa allows an immigrant engaged to a United States citizen to travel into the country and maintain K-1 status as long as the couple gets married within 90 days of the immigrant’s arrival.
  • Marriage-based green cards. A marriage-based green card allows the spouse of a U.S. citizen to live and work within the United States due to the marriage relationship.
  • Obtaining green cards for parents. U.S. citizens can help their parents apply for a green card that will make them eligible to live and work in the United States.

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Who Is Eligible for Family-Based Immigration?

There are two types of family-based immigration visas:

  • Immediate relative visas, which are based on a close family relationship with a U.S. citizen—usually, these are provided to the child, spouse, or parents of a citizen, and are not restricted during the fiscal year
  • Family preference visas, which are intended for more distant family relationships, like grandparents or cousins

U.S. citizens can file petitions for their spouses, children, parents, or siblings. U.S. lawful permanent residents, on the other hand, can only file petitions for their spouses or unmarried children.

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Steps in the Family Immigration Process

There are several vital steps you must complete in order to apply for a green card or visa.

  1. The relative living in the United States files an I-130 petition and waits for petition approval. This process alone can take considerable time.
  2. The incoming relative acquires an immigrant visa number when necessary. Note that immediate family applicants may not have to wait for an immigrant visa number since they do not have to worry about fiscal year limits.
  3. The incoming relative applies for an immigrant visa in their home country.
  4. The incoming relative applies for and receives a social security number.

It can take months or even years to move through the family immigration process. Having a family member already in the United States as a lawful citizen can help streamline the process and help it move faster but will not eliminate all delays.

A Riverside Family Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Working with a skilled Riverside family immigration lawyer can help streamline the family immigration process and make it easier to acquire your family member’s green card or K-1 visa. A lawyer can:

  • Make sure that you understand your rights
  • Help you analyze the immigration strategy that will likely work best for your family
  • Guide you through the complicated immigration process
  • Help you track the status of your applications and forms
  • Give you more information about your next steps

In some cases, having a lawyer inquire about immigration status or the status of an application can also help get things moving through the system again when they have stalled for unknown reasons.

There is no reason to delay seeking legal advice regarding uniting your family. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does family immigration work?

In a family immigration, a family member who is already in the U.S. petitions for a green card or visa for a family member who wants to become a United States citizen. Family-based immigration can make it much easier for a family member who wants to move to the United States to have their application approved.

Can a Riverside family immigration lawyer help speed up the process?

An immigration lawyer can offer several advantages that may help speed up the family immigration process. First, an immigration lawyer can make sure that all the complicated immigration paperwork is filled out correctly and that you haven’t missed any vital details, which may make it easier for you to move forward smoothly through the immigration process. Next, an immigration lawyer can provide more information about your legal options and what might work best for your specific needs and circumstances, including which method of immigration will be most likely to help your relative complete the immigration process faster.

What relatives can a U.S. citizen sponsor?

In an immediate family sponsorship, a U.S. citizen can sponsor their parents, their spouse, and their siblings. They also have the right to sponsor their sons and daughters regardless of age or marital status. A lawful permanent resident of the United States, on the other hand, can only sponsor their own spouse, their minor children, and their unmarried adult sons and daughters. If you have other family members that you want to sponsor, consult an immigration attorney to learn more about the specific process and your family’s rights.

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