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During times of desperation, it is not surprising that people turn to theft to help their families during tough times. Unfortunately for them, a theft conviction can often put those already in a tough spot in an even worse position. In fact, depending on the nature of the theft, a conviction can end up turning people’s lives upside down, with consequences ranging from jail or prison time to even a denial of an immigration visa or green card. That is why if you are facing theft charges, you should reach out to an experienced Riverside theft lawyer as soon as possible.

Arrested Or Charged With Theft In Riverside?

Theft refers to a person taking another person’s property with the intent to permanently deprive them of their property. However, according to the theft laws of California, there are many different levels of theft and distinct crimes that can carry a range of penalties. For instance, in Riverside, theft crimes can range from petty theft to grand theft and include a variety of crimes including residential burglaries, shoplifting, grand theft of a firearm, commercial burglary, receiving stolen property, robbery, and carjacking,

For these reasons, if you have been arrested or charged with theft in Riverside, you should contact an experienced Riverside theft lawyer as soon as you can. These attorneys can not only work with you one-on-one to make sure you are informed throughout the whole legal process, but they can also come up with a solid criminal defense strategy that allows them to aggressively fight to protect your rights.

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Types Of Theft Charges In California

In California, if you take another person’s property with the intent to keep it permanently, there are different types of theft crimes you may be charged with, including:

  • Robbery
  • Petty Theft
  • Grand Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • White-Collar Theft
  • Extortion

Like other states, California classifies theft offenses based on the value of the property taken or the amount of money that is allegedly stolen. In addition, the state’s laws measure the value of stolen property by the property’s reasonable and fair market value.

When Do I Need To Call A Riverside Theft Attorney?

If you are facing theft charges, it is important to understand the potential penalties you may be up against, as well as the defenses you may have. For these reasons, it is in your best interest to reach out to an experienced Riverside theft attorney immediately. These skilled lawyers are not only knowledgeable about the specific state laws regarding theft crimes, but they also have the experience needed to take on these complex legal issues and fight to defend those accused of them.

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Possible Penalties For Theft In California

If you are convicted of a theft offense in California, the punishment you will be facing can range from probation to even years in prison. Consider the following:

A Misdemeanor Offense

If the petty theft is charged as a misdemeanor, the punishment may result in six months in jail, fines of up to $1,000, and probation. However, if you are charged with receiving stolen property—also a misdemeanor—this jail term can increase to 12 months.

A Felony Charge

On the other hand, if your theft is charged as a felony, the penalties are often much more severe. If convicted, individuals can be facing years in prison, heavy fines, and parole conditions.

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What many people may not realize is even a minor theft conviction can have a lasting impact on their lives, making their future much more challenging. For instance, if a potential employer has access to a person’s records, a theft conviction, no matter if it is only a misdemeanor, can have devastating consequences on their ability to secure the position of their dreams and create the life they always have wanted.

That is why, if you are facing these charges, having an experienced Riverside theft lawyer on your side can mean a world of difference in the potential outcomes of your case.

Our Process


  • Arrest


    The accused is taken into custody. Police will ask basic discovery questions like name and address to identify a person, then pivot to more specific questions related to the incident.

  • Reading Your

    Reading Your

    You have the right to remain silent to avoid disclosing evidence that could potentially be self-incriminating, as well as the right to an attorney to defend you in court.

  • Booking


    The police will take you in for booking — Police will fingerprint you and get and updated photograph for their records. After, you’ll be given a chance to contact your criminal defense lawyer.

  • Arraignment


    The arraignment is the final date for you to decide how you’re going to plea. If you plead guilty, the case is set for a sentencing date. If you plead not guilty, your attorney will prepare for trial.

  • Discovery


    In the discovery stage, you’ll get to see exactly what evidence the prosecution has against you. This is when your attorney can make additional requests for evidence if need be and strengthen your defense.

  • Plea Bargaining

    Plea Bargaining

    Accepting the plea bargain is the last chance to plead guilty before the trial. Reduced charges may be presented to quickly settle the case and avoid trial.

  • Trial


    The prosecutor presents the case to the jury. Any evidence or witness statements are shared at at this time. Afterward, it’s your lawyers turn to take the stands and share your side of the story. The jury will make a final verdict.

  • Sentencing


    At sentencing, the Judge must decide the appropriate legal penalty for the crime you were found guilty of. Decisions are based on the advised penalties for the specific charges in question.

Possible Penalties For A Criminal Conviction

Jail or Prison Time

Substantial Fines

Lengthy Probation

License Suspension

Mandatory Education

Frequently Asked Questions


Generally, the more serious the theft crime, the more likely it will be charged as a felony. For example, if the item that is taken is valued at $950 or less, then the crime is considered petty theft according to California’s regulations. Yet, if the amount is more than $950, you likely will be convicted of grand theft, which can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.
However, under some circumstances, the property’s value is not even considered. For instance, if you commit grand theft of a firearm, the offense is always a felony.


According to California’s laws, petty theft is the theft of any property with a value of $950 or less. Yet, although most petty thefts are charged as misdemeanors, they can still carry a sentence of up to six months in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000, or both.
That is why if you are charged with this crime, you should reach out to a knowledgeable and dedicated Riverside theft lawyer who is experienced with these theft crimes promptly. These lawyers can provide you with a thorough and aggressive defense for your charges and make sure to use the full extent of the law to challenge the prosecution’s portrayal of what happened and the evidence presented.


A theft conviction can have serious long-term effects on your life, with consequences including prison time, expensive fines and court costs, a permanent criminal record, issues with securing a place to live or a job, a loss or denial of licenses to work in your profession, and possible deportation if you are not a U.S. citizen. Fortunately, you do not have to take on these charges without a fight. With an experienced Riverside theft lawyer on your team, they can try to help you avoid conviction or try to get your charge or penalties reduced.

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